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How much does EntryRocket cost?
How much does EntryRocket cost?
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There's two components to overall cost of EntryRocket:

  1. One-time setup fee (starts at $149)

  2. Recurring monthly fee (starts at $49/month)

Setup fees

One-time setup fee is charged for creating your bespoke document parser(s). Usually the cost is $149, but it can be higher in some cases, depending on overall complexity.

Monthly fee

EntryRocket has usage-based subscription plans starting from $49/month. Each plan comes with a maximum number of credits you can spend in a month.

What is a credit?

For each Invoice, Bill, Quote, Purchase Order, Bank Transaction, Invoice Payment, Manual Journal, Credit Note or Inventory Item we create in your Xero, we will deduct one credit from your monthly subscription quota. Additionally, if there are more than 5 line items, another credit is used for each 10 line items after the first 5.

For example, if the invoice has 5 line items, the cost for that invoice will be one credit; if the number of line items is, for example, 12, the cost will be two credits; if the number of line items is 16, the cost will be three credits... etc.

Each attached file to a document created in Xero will cost one additional credit from your monthly quota.

We also have a Fair usage policy that allows any unused credits to roll over for two following months. This policy allows you to have increased usage in some months without having to upgrade your subscription plan. It also means that we always look at average credits usage for the last three months before we upgrade your subscription plan to next tier.

To determine which subscription plan best fits your needs, we first need to know the approximate average number of documents EntryRocket will be creating in your Xero each month. That way, we will have an idea of which subscription plan will be the best fit for your needs.

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